Freedom of the Skies The OpenPilot community believes the latest UAV technology has important civilian uses, as such we offer you the Freedom of the Skies.
Flexible Cross Platform Ground Station The OpenPilot platform contains a flexible, cross platform ground station that's integrated with the flight system to provide a unprecedented power.
Performance OpenPilot uses state of the art sensors and powerful microprocessors to provide unsurpassed performance and flexibility.
Serious UAV Uses OpenPilot has been designed to be a robust platform for tasks such as aerial photography, search & rescue and research projects.
Versatility The powerful OpenPilot platforms fly fixed-wing aircraft, multirotors and helicopters.

What is OpenPilot?

OpenPilot is a next-generation Open Source UAV autopilot created by the OpenPilot Community (an all volunteer non-profit community). It is a highly capable platform for multirotors, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and other vehicles . It has been designed from the ground up by a community of passionate developers from around the globe, with its core design principles being quality, safety, and ease of use.  Simplicity does not come with any compromises either: with no hard-coded settings, a complete flight plan scripting language and other powerful features, OpenPilot is an extremely capable UAV autopilot platform.


OpenPilot was started at the beginning of 2010 and is a serious use platform aimed at civilian and research purposes, with emphasis being placed on making the platform especially suitable for aerial photography and aerial video applications.


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Hotfix Release 15.05.02 – Replaces 15.05 Banana Split – (08/18/2015)

This release fixes Basic attitude estimation drift when using Revolution Nano. All Revolution hardware running 15.05 should upgrade to 15.05.02.

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Freedom Matters

OpenPilot is not a commercial venture but an Open Source community project. This is a hobby for all of us and was set up to be a fun community rather than a business and will remain so. Any money made from hardware sales goes towards hosting costs and to supporting & moving the OpenPilot project forward.


Designed for real work

Conceived from the start as a serious contender in the UAV field, OpenPilot Revolution will find many commercial and academic applications, including aerial photography, remote sensing, surveying and inspection, search & rescue as well as academic research. We also offer the CopterControl system, which aims to be a game-changing entry in the leisure and hobby markets, as well as being a robust base for many commercial and research projects.


Be part of it!

OpenPilot is a Open Source community project and there are many ways you can contribute. You can help in development of the Flight Software (the embedded firmware) and/or the Ground Control Software. Apart from development, there are many other ways to be part of the project: helping with documentation, flight testing or simply suggesting improvements. This is a community project so please get involved!