OpenPilot is an Open Source project aimed at providing the community with low-cost but powerful stabilization and autopilot platforms. OpenPilot’s strength is in the community that has developed, where individuals contribute their time, effort and skills so all can benefit. As a non-profit open source program, OpenPilot aims to bring this technology down in price to make it more affordable to deploy.

Target applications of OpenPilot developments include civil and humanitarian uses where search and rescue capabilities afforded by guided aerial platforms can be of immense value; academic uses for research; stabilized platforms for aerial photography; as well as DIY hobbyists looking to do a little flying and have some fun. The OpenPilot platform includes support for multirotors, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. However, the OpenPilot platform is flexible and can be adapted to diverse needs such as unique aircraft, marine, and ground vehicles. Being an Open Source project, the code is freely available for modification to suit unique needs.

OpenPilot is an ideal platform for researchers and hobbyists working on aerial robotics or other mobile vehicular platforms where stabilization and guidance are required. OpenPilot brings the cost down to reasonable prices so people can focus on developing and refining applications rather than paying the extremely high prices of most commercial offerings, or having to do ‘from the ground up’ hardware development.

About OpenPilot Platforms

OpenPilot is currently focused on developing two hardware platforms:  the CopterControl (both Original and CC3D) and the Revolution. OpenPilot Revolution is an autopilot platform with a full INS unit onboard, while the CopterControl boards are powerful stabilization boards with 3 axis gyros and accelerometers. The CopterControl boards can be augmented by different sensors and communication systems. Both units utilize the OpenPilot Ground Control Station software where options and setup are done, as well as providing Ground Control functions such as way-point setting and telemetry functions. The OpenPilot project range provides solutions for a wide variety of user needs.

Getting Involved With OpenPilot

As an Open Source project, OpenPilot needs your help and support.  OpenPilot is a community project. It’s staffed by all volunteers that donate their time and talents to push the project forward for the good of all.  Schedules and life changes bring about a rotation of people, and new faces are always welcome.

If you have the desire to help, step up!

You need not be an ace software guru to contribute.  There is a chance for everyone to get involved, no matter what your skill set. Lending a hand can be done in a wide variety of ways:

  • Asking or answering questions on the forums and helping other users
  • Contributing to the Open Pilot Wiki
  • Programming or managing different modules of the software code
  • Creating new graphics for our software, forums and website
  • Testing new OpenPilot hardware and software
  • Creating videos and build logs of OpenPilot equipped vehicles
  • and more!

If you like what OpenPilot is doing – jump in and see how you can contribute. Above all, have some fun and camaraderie doing it.  The best way to get involved is to say “Hi” in the forums!