The OpenPilot project has advanced at a rapid rate due to a talented team of enthusiasts drawn from across the world.

I am sure we have all heard the old saying “you get what you pay for”, despite this being very obviously flawed some people (normally with over prices stuff to sell) say it as a truism. However, smarter people realise that how things really work is that companies will simply charge what they think they can get away with, despite its quality.

OpenPilot is very unique, in its structure as it is both non-commercial and non-profit based. The simple reason for this is that the software is written by volunteers that are unpaid and do this in their free time, the founders of OpenPilot felt it would be manipulative and simply not fair to make a profit off people working for free. So the choice was made to offer our hardware as close to cost as we can, while only having a small margin to ensure the project can keep progressing.

While I am sure the majority of people viewing this page just see great hardware and a fantastic bargain, especially after all commercial products are over three times the cost and offer much lower performance. We ask that you do think about the ethics of what we are doing and would perhaps consider getting involved to help OpenPilot progress.

Additionally, the OpenPilot project also helps out a lot of other AutoPilot projects as our R&D is shared openly. A great deal of our work is adopted by others and we help the whole field progress.