Getting Started

Welcome to OpenPilot!

If you are new or already familiar with UAV’s & flight controllers, at OpenPilot we try to help everyone to our very best. You can watch the introduction movie or check out the getting started pages in the OpenPilot wiki. If you are completely new and want to have a look on the already assembled & flying aircraft’s from various users, then checkout the user build section of the wiki.

OpenPilot TV

Every now & then the developers of OpenPilot make an exciting video where they  explain not only the basics but also the advanced functionality of the flight controllers.
In below first episode of OpenPilot TV Dave takes a brand new CopterControl board & installs it on a multirotor quad frame in just under 10 minutes!

In the mean time James has OpenPilot episode 2 in the air where the tuning of a multirotor is covered.

OpenPilot Wiki  & Forum

The OpenPilot wiki should get you started for sure, information from various users & developers has been bundled there to help you out. Apart from the wiki there is a very friendly community permanently active on the forums.
So, in case you have any question or suggestion or if you just want to be part of the OpenPilot community then make sure you drop by on the forum.

Oh, and did we mention they are fast? Since developpers & users are spread around the world you can see the forum almost as your 24/7 helpline! There is always someone around to answer your questions.

Good luck!