Mayan Apocalypse Software Release, Humanitarian OP and Seasons Greetings

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New GCS & Firmware Release – Mayan Apocalypse

We would like to start this update off by thanking all that have aided the release of the new software update, Developers, Jira wranglers & Flight Test Teams all put in a lot of time to get this out to the community.

This is a new milestone for the OP community, we have recently re-organised a lot of the process under which we all operate to push forward OpenPilot development, testing and bug tracking. Jira (our Bug Tracker is now being used to help organise and track main releases as well as release updates and new feature development lifecycle. We welcome all to read this document that will give a solid overview on how we would like to move forward using new tooling to help aid development.

In this new release:

  • Updated Firmware including Cyr’s new Attitude Filter module which greatly improves flight stability.
  • Hyper’s update to add Mode 3 and 4 Radio modes into the Tx Wizard.
  • Added new option to GCS airframe config, ability  to disable Tricopter yaw servo until the units armed.
  • Bug fixes for GCS on all Operating systems.

Download and Change log:

Humanitarian OP

It gives us great pleasure to write this Project Update, as you all know OpenPilot’s main goal is to produce the best in class avionics possible but some of you may not know that the original and continuing purpose is to produce for the benefit of Humanitarian projects.

Over the last few months we have been in communication with an organisation that’s sole purpose is to protect wildlife around the world, endangered and protected species are at the top of their list. Historically monitoring, surveying and protecting from the ground and when available utilising light aircraft and helicopters they will soon be utilising UAV’s to further their purpose.

We will have more news relating to the first missions that are undertaken using OP Hardware and Software within the first few months of the New Year.

Year Review & Happy Christmas!

Its been an interesting and fun year within our community, the release of the CC3D has come and gone, OP style Kickstarter/Pre Orders for CC3D and the Revolution, new groundbreaking features added to the code repositories – all ongoing and keeping OpenPilot at the forefront of our arena.

I, like you all look forward for the first batch of Revolution boards getting to the hands of our community as well as all the exciting new features that will follow on, 2013 will be a fantastic year for our community and we look forward to all the future development.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and looking forward to a very bright OP 2013.