New software release: 20120201-213a915f

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Important notes:

  • This upgrade will erase all your settings and you will be required to reconfigure your aircraft. This should be the same as previously EXCEPT for the input configuration (see below)
  • The new input configuration has worked for a lot of people, but be aware it is quite sensitive. When it asks you to move a stick, just move it gently and be careful not to move the other stick. If you do then you can simply click back and try again.
  • This provides a unified firmware for all receiver input types.

From the changelog:

Merged a change that sorts the UAVO fields based on size. Because this changes
all of the objects, erase all existing flash files based on this.

New Spektrum/JR satellite receiver driver implementation.
It now provides explicit selection of DSM2 (and DSMJ), DSMX (10bit) and
DSMX (11bit) serial protocol variations to better serve different frame
and resolution modes. The protocol name used now is DSM instead of
previously used Spektrum to make it less ambiguous when used with JR
2.4GHz radios.

Inputs can be remapped to outputs to allow up to 10 channels of control. The
receiver inputs remap as follows:
Receiver 3 because output channel 7
Receiver 4 because output channel 8
Receiver 5 because output channel 9
Receiver 6 because output channel 10

Fix for the Mac telemetry rates and specifically how long enumeration took.

Make the flash chip need to be have bad magic for a full second before erasing
settings. Should avoid random lost settings.

Max rate now ONLY applies to attitude and axis lock mode. Manual rate is the
only term that limits the rate mode now (and in axis lock when you push stick
only manual rate applies). Also integrals are reset when unused.

Some large updates to the input system. Now multiple receivers can be
connected at once. A wizard was added for configuring the input channels. A
specific collective pitch channel was added.

Improvements to the failsafe handling code for inputs. PWM power off is now
detected properly. Powering on transmitter for Spektrum Satellite no longer
causes a glitch on servos.

Flybarless heli support is getting better and better with CopterControl as this new testing video from Dezent shows:

YouTube Preview Image

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