cruising-ratt300NEW RELEASE – 14.01

Good news everyone!  After months of hard work we have a new stable OpenPilot software release today, this release is 14.01 and code named Cruising Ratt.  A huge thank you to the Developers, JIRA wranglers & the Flight Test Team, who all put in a lot of time and effort to get this release out to the community.

This is the first 2014 software release.  This version still supports the CopterControl and CC3D.  It includes some major “under the hood” changes like migration to Qt5.1 and QtQuick2 widgets, and an overhaul of UAVtalk to improve Telemetry and OPLink reliability.  There is a number of significant backend changes in this version compared to previous software releases, from new toolchains and build system to a source code formatting that is in line with our project style guidelines.

Some additions in this release:

– “Rattitude” flight mode;

– Altitude Hold Re-implementation;

– Multiple PID banks;

– “Cruise Control”

Remember that the first Revo hardware batch was intended for developers/bleeding-edge testers, not end users who want a 100% final platform.

Download and full Change log: http://wiki.openpilo…tware Downloads

Note: Please be sure to read the full release notes listed there and understand that you need to update your bootloaders and use the Erase Settings function prior to flashing the FW for this release.

Portrait of a Pilot

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Jim Johnson is a long time moderator of the OpenPilot forums, he is famous for his amazing wood frames with workmanship that is top notch, for his day job he works as a carpenter for Binghamton University, a position he has held for almost 20 years, they recently featured Jim and his hobby in a video..

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Introducing the Marble GCS Plugin

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With any Ground Control Station, the mapping and tracking elements play a very large part. Currently, we use the OpenPilot Map library and this was a large effort which has been written from scratch by a great developer called Jose and it has since been taken and used by several other projects also. Today we..

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QtQuick2 Migration and it’s Fantastic

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Playing with new technology is exciting. In an earlier post we mentioned the project’s move to Qt5 and one of the cool technologies that makes Qt5 exciting is QtQuick 2, this is a declarative style of development and it uses Javascript as a language, it enables development to be rapid and a lot of fun. We were a..

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OpenPilot turns 4 – meet our team.

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Now that OpenPilot has turned four, we figured that you may want to know a little bit more about the people behind the OP project. Sometimes we forget to take a breath and show who the amazing people are that help make the OpenPilot project possible. Most of them are everyday people, just like you, with..

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The move to Qt 5

On October 19th, 2013, posted in: News by Comments Off

Good news everyone! Yesterday the OpenPilot developers completed the migration of the OpenPilot GCS to the new Qt5.1 framework, those changes are now in the next branch and will be included in the upcoming release of the OpenPilot software. What is Qt? Qt is a cross platform framework, it provides a set of development libraries..

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20km Autonomous Fixed Wing Revo Flight

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During the 2013 OpenPilot Developers Meet we had many new Milestones planned for the project, one of them was a 10KM Fixed Wing Flight with the Revolution hardware and a flying wing, we completed that after only the third day at the meet and upon checking the battery used, we calculated we had the range to..

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